Vic Vela

Hunter Biden on Back From Broken

Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden’s struggle with addiction has been intense — and very public. But with the support of his family, including President Joe Biden, Hunter found the help he needed.
Kevin Griffin Back From Broken

Kevin Griffin

Kevin Griffin found his own way to embrace recovery using ideas he borrowed from Buddhism, and he wrote a book about it that helped others — including Vic Vela — overcome their own challenges.
Tracie Lechman Back from Broken

Tracie Lechman

A decision Tracie Lechman made when she was 16 would haunt her for the rest of her life. This is how she overcame trauma and addiction in her journey to recover.
Matthew Jarvis Back From Broken

Matthew Jarvis

Matthew Jarvis grew up with parents who fought violently at times. It set the stage for years of bad relationships and addiction — until he found a way forward.
Jessica Duenas Back From Broken

Jessica Dueñas

As both a student and a teacher, Jessica Dueñas found a sanctuary in the classroom. But her alcoholism made her reevaluate her priorities — and the career she loved.