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February 14 Meeting
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Ancestors Prior to the Revolutionary War

by David Fryxell

It’s easy to forget that America’s colonial history spans almost 170 years before U.S. independence, beginning with the founding of Jamestown in Virginia on May 14, 1607. If some of your ancestors came over on the Mayflower or subsequent colonial arrivals instead of through Ellis Island, researching their lives in colonial America has never been easier. Whether they were among the earliest colonists—at Jamestown or Plymouth—or came later to less-storied destinations, you can now find pre-1776 ancestors in a boatload of online resources. This presentation will show you how, with links to dozens of colonial resources.

Now living in Aurora, CO, award-winning writer David Fryxell is the founder of Family Tree Magazine and wrote the book Family Tree Guide to Scandinavian Genealogy. See his website at Vikinggenealogy.com.

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Wednesday, February 14

6:30 p.m., Mountain Time, Zoom hangout begins

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