Summer of Discovery: The Search for Life Life in the Rocks


Saturday, June 25
10:00 AM – 4:00 PM


Space Foundation Discovery Center, 4425 Arrowswest Dr, Colorado Springs, 80907

Event Description

Summer of Discovery: The Search for Life continues as we search for Life in the Rocks!

The Trails & Open Space Coalition (TOPS) joins us to share about Colorado’s many open spaces and the mulititude of life we can find in those open spaces.

As is TOPS mission here in Colorado, learning about a place and all that makes it up – including any life there, is also a primary mission of NASA and scientists searching for life in the solar system.

The best way to be able to successfully search for life is to first identifiy the best places to look, then to understand them as well as we can so we know the what, where, and how to look.
Life in the Rocks Day
Workshops, Activities and Demonstrations*:

Trails & Open Space Coalition presentation and Q&A – “Life in Colorado’s open spaces”

– Searching for life in the rocks

– ‘Curiosity, Perseverance, & Ingenuity’ – a Science on a Sphere presentation
– Design your own Mars rover
– Create your Mars rover

* All events of the day are subject to change without notice


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