On ‘First,’ Son Lux and yMusic Make Chamber Music That Flows Like A Rock LP

June 9, 2017

The contemporary classical group yMusic recently released a unique LP. It’s a modern classical record that flows like a rock album. There's an opening track that sets the scene, some unusual sounds in the middle and a quietly powerful ending.

The group enlisted one of its favorite collaborators to create the music: Ryan Lott, who composes, produces and performs under the name Son Lux.

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Here’s the story of how yMusic and Son Lux made a classical album with the soul of a rock record, and an exclusive recording of the tracks “Paris” and “First.” The six members of yMusic recorded the music during a session at the CPR Performance Studio, shortly before a concert at the Newman Center for the Performing Arts in Denver.  

Click the audio link above to hear this episode of Centennial Sounds, the newest podcast from CPR Classical and Colorado Public Radio. 

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