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Wish We Were Here, Episode 8: CSPD Black — The True Story of COS’ First African American Detective

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On this episode of Wish We Were Here, we bring you the story of Ron Stallworth. In the 1970s, he became the first black detective ever to serve in the Colorado Springs Police Department. He's also the author of Black Klansman, a memoir about one of his most memorable investigations, which you'll hear about in this episode.

Music in this episode is mostly from the amazing Free Music Archive. You'll hear pieces by Lee Rosevere, Sarin, Podington Bear, Deadly Combo, Chris Zabriski, Kevin McLeod, Antony Raijekov, and All Shall Be Well. You'll also hear music by the Budos Band.

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Many thanks to Ron Stallworth, to our production assistant Emilia Whitmer, and to our intern Charlie Neaves.