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A Colorado Congressman On ‘The Swamp,’ Sexting Bill, Airport Worker Shortage, Drinkable Sunscreen, Teen Motocross Pro

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“Drain The Swamp" was a rallying cry during the 2016 election. It's also the title of a new book from U.S. Rep. Ken Buck, a Republican who represents northern and eastern Colorado. Buck joins us to talk Washington political culture, President Trump’s performance, immigration and more. Then, state lawmakers have a new compromise on teen sexting. They've decided on a small penalty for teen couples who send each other nude images. And, DIA concession owners are struggling to fill 400 open jobs. Plus, a Colorado man’s controversial product, drinkable sunscreen, is the subject of a lawsuit claiming it’s phony and dangerous. Also, at age 19, Colorado native Dawson Newby is a pro motocross rider. He'll race in Denver this weekend.