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Colorado baseball’s first innings

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(Courtesy Jay Sanford)
<p>A.H.W. Ross operated the Denver White Elephants baseball club from 1915-1935. He&#039;s pictured here far left in street clothes and necktie with the team in 1930.</p>
Colorado baseball’s first innings

The Glenwood Sluggers … The Walsenburg Wonders … Pueblo’s Lithia Ball Club ... Denver’s Young Bachelors. All were baseball teams in the early years of Colorado’s baseball story. The first recorded game of Colorado baseball: April 26, 1862. In June of 1882, the state’s first permanent baseball stadium in Colorado Springs had the Colorado Springs Reds playing the Denver Brown Stockings. The home team won. Broadway Park in Denver was home to the White Elephants, an all-black team organized in 1915 that played mainly all-white teams. In 1948 the Denver Bears put up Bears Stadium, which was later remodeled for football and re-named Mile High Stadium, but still made more Colorado baseball history. Like in 1993, when 80,000 people filled the stands of Mile High for the first opening day of the Colorado Rockies.

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