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Sept. 30, 2019: Colorado’s Energy Future In The Face Of Climate Change

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Photo by Carol Balkcom
Ryan Warner (left) is joined by Catherine Greener, Bill Ritter, and Lee McIntire at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science to discuss Colorado’s energy future in the face of climate change. The event on Sept. 25, 2019 was hosted by The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists and the museum’s Institute for Science and Policy.

The impeachment inquiry is obviously dominating the headlines. It eclipsed a storyline that's also of global importance, one we're going to dedicate the show to today: climate change.

You'll hear what we think are some fresh perspectives on a well-trodden topic. Like what a tremendous opportunity climate change is for business to eliminate waste. Also the role nuclear energy might play in reducing carbon, even though economics and public perception make it difficult. And we'll discuss a piece in the New Yorker that raised hackles, asking "what if it's time to stop pretending we can prevent this?"

We recorded this show in front of an audience. Our hosts: The Denver Museum of Nature and Science and The Bulletin Of The Atomic Scientists.

Let's meet our guests. Bill Ritter was Democratic governor of Colorado from 2007 to 2011. He made renewable energy a keystone of his administration. Ritter then founded the Center For The New Energy Economy at Colorado State University, where he works with government leaders on the state level.

Catherine Greener, of Boulder, has spent much of her career focused on sustainable business. She's the founder of Greener Solutions, Incorporated. Previously, she led environmental affairs and sustainability for Xanterra Travel Collection, a travel and hotel firm.

And Lee McIntire is past president and CEO of the global engineering firm CH2MHill, based in Englewood. He also led TerraPower, co-founded by Bill Gates, which develops nuclear reactor technology. McIntire has worked in oil and gas, as well.