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How To Get Voters To Vote, How To Find A Way Past Hate And Division

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It's Election Day. Coloradans have already turned in hundreds of thousands of ballots. But what about the hundreds of thousands who don't vote? "When you tell me that there is somebody that you want to vote for, and not the lesser of two evils, I'll be standing right behind you too. I might even vote," one Coloradan told us. In the latest episode of Purplish we look at how to get more people to cast their ballot. Then, there's a lot of anger in politics these days. One solution is to bring people with different beliefs together to get to know each other. But is that the right approach? And if it isn't, what is? DU Professor of Philosophy and Jewish Thought Sarah Pessin joins us to talk about her Hate and Protect project, and a forum she's holding Tuesday on campus.