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Sept. 15, 2021: Not All Wasps Are Out To Sting; Helping Children Through Grief

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Hornet Wasp
Cody Lawson
Listener Cody Lawson wondered if this is a murder hornet as seen in Denver in September 2021. Insect expert Lisa Mason with CSU Extention says it’s not. Instead, it’s a Pigeon Tremex horntail wasp which is harmless to humans. Mason says Colorado’s climate is not conducive to murder hornets.

Grief is all around us-- exacerbated by the pandemic. What does that look like for children? Then, a listener photo prompts the question: can murder hornets live in Colorado? Plus, Colorado Springs' Conejos neighborhood is gone, but not forgotten. Also, Pueblo considers nuclear. And what to do about abandoned mines and wells in Colorado.