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The State Flag

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Winds blow through metro Denver with extreme gusts reported at higher elevations on Monday, February 20, 2023.
The state flag

In the beginning, Colorado's state flag was like so many others’: a display of the state seal, which in Colorado’s case includes an all-seeing eye, a Roman ax, a shield with mountains and mining tools and the state motto, in Latin!

That changed a century ago, thanks in part to a Daughters of the American Revolution contingent in Denver – who didn’t know the state had a flag – and a radically different design for one from Andrew Carlisle Carson: 3 stripes in blue and white, a circle in gold and a red letter C. The legislature approved the design quickly, and the new flag first flew in a parade in May 1911. That flag was not quite the same as the one you find everywhere today. Precise colors and the position of the iconic "C" had yet to be settled. But you would recognize it. As does the North American Vexillological Association, will tell you Colorado’s is a good example of a great flag, following their first principle: keep it simple.

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