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Author D.L. Cordero’s short story ‘Roots’ a frightening tale grown out of colonization, greed and resistance

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Kevin Beaty/Denverite
DenverFRIGHT co-hosts Obed Manuel and Desiree Mathurin haunt the stage at The Bug Theater in Denver.

On this Halloween, we share a story from DenverFright, a recent event at the Bug Theater in which local authors told horror stories from a wide range of cultures and perspectives.

D.L. Cordero was among the storytellers. Cordero is intentional about featuring representation from marginalized communities and reclaiming culture after colonization. They celebrate both existence and resistance.

In the short story "Roots," a man named Rivera invades an ancestral grove, killing the grove's protector Yuisa and his own people for money and greed. But the land he's attempting to steal with his comrades Beto and Garcia fights back. This is an excerpt of the story. Hear the entire presentation here along with other stories presented at DenverFright.