How Rhonda Jackson’s Journals Led To Her Play ‘Crying Wolf: Stories of Lupus Warriors’

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Photo: Denver playwright Rhonda Jackson_1
Denver playwright Rhonda Jackson at CPR on Feb. 8, 2018.

There's no cure for Lupus, an auto-immune disease. After Rhonda Jackson got her diagnosis in 1994, she had to learn to live it. In fact, she's still learning, and part of her education has been to turn her journals into a new play. The Source Theatre Company premiere "Crying Wolf: Stories of Lupus Warriors" Thursday at Su Teatro Cultural & Performing Arts Center in Denver. The show runs through Feb. 17.

Jackson tells Colorado Matters her journal writing started when she was unable to physically do much else. It helped her document and process her experiences, she says. She wrote the play because she had a theater background. In it, three actresses, whose characters don't have names, perform a series of vignettes that depict different experiences Jackson has had with the disease.

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