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Is a new state law an admission of failure to stop gun violence?

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Here 4 The Kids Gun Ban Rally at State Capitol 20230605
Hart Van Denburg/CPR News
A sign declaring Colorado to be the “home of mass shootings” at a rally Monday morning, June 5, 2023, organized by a group called Here 4 the Kids, who seek to have Gov. Jared Polis sign an executive order to declare a state of emergency due to gun violence, and to impose “a total ban on all guns and a comprehensive, mandatory buyback program.”

A new state law will provide bleeding control kits to schools in Colorado. Editor Jesus Sánchez Meleán, a former college educator, writes in the bilingual newspaper El Comercio de Colorado that while the law may provide practical help, it is also noteworthy because it's an acceptance that more shootings will occur in schools. He spoke with Colorado Matters.