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Motus Theater’s ‘UndocuAmerica Project’ shares stories of DACA recipients

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DACA Monologues Motus Theater Irving Reza
Courtesy: Reza Family
Irving Reza from Denver visiting his grandmother in El Paso.

Ten years ago this June, the U.S. government created a new program called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA. It gave children brought to the U.S. from other countries temporary protection from deportation. And, it made them eligible for college and jobs.

Leading up to the anniversary, we're sharing monologues written by DACA recipients. They're part of a podcast series from Boulder-based MOTUS Theater called the "UndocuAmerica Project." In some cases, they'll be read by the authors themselves. In others, by prominent voices. That's the case today, with actor John Lithgow.

He presents the story of Irving Reza of Denver. Reza uses humor to capture the stress he faces each time he goes through an immigration checkpoint. The piece is called "The Most Beautiful Monument."