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Private investigator on landmark sexual assault case pens revealing memoir

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Brittany Werges/CPR
Author Erika Krouse speaks with Colorado Matters Senior Host Ryan Warner at LitFest June 10, 2022

When you hear “Title IX,” you might picture a locker room and whether male and female college athletes have comparable facilities and equipment. But a landmark case in Boulder in the early 2000s helps expand the federal law to protect women from sexual assault on campus. A culture of impunity at CU Boulder meant football players got away with rape and other crimes.

Twenty years later, a private investigator on the case has written a book. “Tell Me Everything,” by Erika Krouse, dwells somewhere between true crime and memoir. It is also an account of Krouse’s own experience with sexual abuse, which began when she was 4 and lasted throughout her childhood. “Tell Me Everything,” while sometimes painful to read, is also a fascinating study of human behavior and resilience. We chose it for our reading circle "Turn The Page with Colorado Matters."