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Some of Colorado’s top docs share their advice as COVID enters new chapter

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Courtesy UCHealth
In the UCHealth intensive care unit where COVID-19 patients are cared for.

Just three years ago, the word "pandemic" was a distant concept, but it's now become part of our vocabulary and our lives. We speak with three doctors who've been at the front lines of the COVID pandemic about how the virus continues to affect our lives, leading to hospitalizations and deaths. At the same time, most experts agree we're in a new phase of COVID-19 where the most stringent measures are no longer necessary.

Our guests include Dr. Ken Lyn-Kew, a critical care pulmonologist at National Jewish Health in Denver, Dr. Anuj Mehta, an ICU pulmonologist at Denver Health who has advised the state on vaccine allocation and Dr. Diane Janowicz, who specializes in infectious disease at St. Mary's Medical Center in Grand Junction.