Two Colorado Political Cartoonists On Illustrating Trump’s White House

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Photo: Paul Snover and Ed Stein
Illustrated self-portraits from left to right: Western Slope cartoonist Paul Snover and Denver cartoonist Ed Stein.

The election of Donald Trump compelled a Denver cartoonist, who had given up on political commentary, to reach for his pen. Ed Stein was the editorial cartoonist for the Rocky Mountain News until it folded in 2009, and says Trump's presidency "forced" him back into the world of political cartooning -- to be clear, he's not a fan of the new administration.

Western Slope cartoonist Paul Snover made national headlines in 2015 for a billboard he illustrated called "Donald the Dragon Slayer." It depicted Trump as a knight slaying a liberal dragon. But Snover says, while he held conservative political views for a large part of his life, he's not an ardent supporter of Trump or the president's policies.

They discussed how it is to be a political cartoonist during the current administration with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner.

Some recent political cartoons by Stein and Snover:

Photo: Denver cartoonist Ed Stein political comic strip 1
Photo: Western Slope Cartoonist Paul Snover comic 1

Photo: Denver cartoonist Ed Stein political comic strip 2
Photo: Paul Snover cartoon