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What Colorado researchers are learning about Alzheimer’s and dementia

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We take a look at some of the research into Alzheimer's and dementia in Colorado, including the work of Dr. Huntington Potter and his team at the Alzheimer's and Congition Center at the University of Colorado Aschutz Medical Campus. They've been studying the drug Leukine, which is currently prescribed to patients to improve their white blood cell count, as a treatment for people with memory loss.

We also hear from Dr. Rebecca Mullen of the Department of Family Medicine at CU Anschutz, who is looking into the connection between loneliness and memory in older adults and looking for interventions to treat both conditions.

Another CU Anschutz researcher, Dr. Lotta Granholm Bentley, is studying people who've had concussions and their risk for Alzheimer's, including whether that risk increases with multiple impacts. Granholm-Bentley, of the Department of Neurosurgery, is also researching people with Down Syndrome, who are at a 90 percent risk of developing Alzheimer's, often by age 50.