Election Results: November 2, 2010

· Nov. 3, 2010, 12:01 am

The unofficial election results for the November 2010 election are in. Here's a partial breakdown, beginning with federal and state offices and issues:

As of early this morning, the race for US Senate in Colorado between Democrat Michael Bennet and Republican Ken Buck is too close to call. Thousands of provisional and write-in ballots still must be counted.

In House District 3, Republican challenger Scott Tipton appears to have defeated Democratic incumbent John Salazar. In District 4, Republican Challenger Corey Gardner has defeated 1st term incumbent Democrat Betsy Markey. And in District 5, Republican Doug Lamborn has defeated Democratic challenger Kevin Bradley.

Democrat John Hickenlooper however, has defeated American Consitution Party Candidate Tom Tandredo and Republican Dan Maes to win control of the governorship.

State Amerndments 60, 61, and Proposition 101 were also predicted to fail soundly, as is Amendment 62, or the so-called Personhood Amendment.

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Please note that percentages may change slightly.

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In Colorado Springs and El Paso County:

State Senate D11:
John Morse (D): 48.04%
Owen Hill (R): 47.53%

State Representative

Marcus Troy Cimino (D): 25.05%
x Mark Waller (R): 74.95%

Janet Tanner (D): 36.12%
x Larry Liston (R): 63.88%

Dennis Apuan (D): 46.00%
x Mark Barker (R): 54.00%

x Pete Lee (D): 54.31%
Karen Cullen (R): 45.69%

Jonathan Dooley (D): 29.23%
x Bob Gardner (R): 70.77%

El Paso County Commissioner:

Steve Kjonaas (D): 21.44%
x Darryl Glenn (R): 78.56%

Michael Merrifield (D): 39.70%
x Peggy Littleton (R): 60.30%

Clerk and Recorder
Tom Mowle (D): 32.35%
x Wayne Williams (R): 67.65%

County Question 1A, regarding medical marijuana:
Yes: 50.05%
No: 49.95%

County Question 1B, regarding DA term limits:
x Yes: 62.05%
No: 37.95%

County Question 1C, regarding commissioner term limits:
x Yes: 63.26%
No: 36.74%

County Question 1D, County Treasurer, Clerk and Recorder, Assessor and Surveyor term limits:
x Yes: 61%
No: 39%

City Question 2B, regarding retention of funds:
x Yes: 71.01%
No: 28.99%

City Question 2C, regarding reallocation of some TOPS funds:
x Yes: 56.17%
No: 43.83%

City Question 300, regarding a strong mayor:
x Yes: 59.27%
No: 40.73%

For more results from El Paso County, click here.

In Pueblo and Pueblo County:

State Senate:

Gloria Stultz (D): 42.77%
x Kevin Grantham (R): 57.23%

x Angela Giron (D): 54.83%
Vera Ortega (R): 45.17%

State Representative:

x Sal Pace (D): 69.23%
Steven Rodriguez (R): 30.77%

Carole Partin (D): 37.66%
x Keith Swerdfeger (R): 62.34%

Sandra Horrocks (D): 29.81%
x Tom Massey (R): 65.01%

x Edward Vigil (D): 73.64%
Randy Jackson (R): 26.46%

County Commissioner D3:
x Jeff Chostner (D): 58.97%
Jerry Martin (R): 41.03%

City Question 2A, regarding a medical marijuana tax:
x Yes: 62.53%
No: 37.47%

City Question 2B, regarding restoration of Memorial Hall:
x Yes: 66.64%
No: 33.36%

City Question 2C, regarding an extension of the half cent sales tax:
x Yes: 65.35%
No: 34.65%

For more results from Pueblo County, click here.

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