2013 produces more millionaires in Colo.

Colorado’s Startup Economy: Where’s the Money?

That’s about 2400 more than the year before and represents about 1 of 18 Coloradans, according to the report.

The measure doesn’t include home equity, which for most people is a single-greatest asset.

Dickson Griswold with the Denver firm Highwater Wealth Management says a lot of factors are making more Coloradans wealthier.

"Folks since 2008 have paid down debt, they’ve been better savers," Griswold said. "Some rising markets in both real estate and their investment portfolios."

The latest figures on per capita income from 2012 show Coloradans have an annual income of just over $45,000 a year, ranking the state 13th in the nation.

"People are doing better, Denver is a dynamic business environment," Griswold said. "Companies are being sold, executives are being brought in and the overall economy improving."

Meanwhile, more Coloradans have also been falling toward the bottom of the economic ladder.

Recent figures issued by the Census Bureau show 14 percent of state residents living in poverty in 2012, up one-half a percent from the year before.