Woman who bought gun for Ebel gets 27 months

The woman accused of purchasing the gun that killed former Corrections Chief Tom Clements has been sentenced to just over two years in prison.

Parolee Evan Ebel allegedly used the gun bought by Stevie Vigil to kill Clements and pizza delivery man, Nathan Leon, and to wound Texas Sheriff’s Deputy, James Boyd, before being killed by law enforcement almost a year ago.

Vigil pleaded guilty to buying the weapon, but she told the court she didn't know what her long-time friend planned to use it for.

U.S. District Court Judge Christine Arguello says there is no evidence that Vigil did know and therefore can’t be sentenced to the maximum 10 years.

Victims and victim’s family members urged the court to give Vigil a harsher sentence.

Prosecutors pointed to the fact that Vigil lied on the gun application when she pledged she was not buying it for a convicted felon, despite knowing that Ebel had been a felon.

With Ebel dead--killed in a shoot-out with Texas law enforcement--Vigil has so far been the only person to face criminal charges related to Clements' and Leon's deaths.