CUSP: A Call for Volunteers for Cascade-area Flood Mitigation Work

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The Coalition for the Upper South Platte is looking for volunteers to help with flood mitigation projects along Highway 24 this month. KRCC’s Tucker Hampson reports.

Volunteers are needed to help seed land and create sediment catchment basins in Cascade. These projects are intended to slow or redirect water to help protect against erosion and reduce the risk of property damage. Lisa Patton is the volunteer coordinator for CUSP. Patton says the Waldo Canyon burn scar is already suffering.

"The soil is already wet," says Patton.  "We’ve had record rainfall, it’s already compromised from fire, it’s already been flooded, it’s just a matter of time before it gets wiped out."

Though mitigation is always ongoing, these projects are scheduled for completion before the summer monsoon season begins. Residents are reminded to be prepared for flash flood warnings and to seek higher ground if necessary.

Scheduled work days:

Tues 6/10Thurs 6/12Tues 6/24