Maketa Appears before El Paso County Commissioners

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Credit Staff Photo / El Paso County

El Paso County Commissioners invited Sheriff Terry Maketa to their board meeting Tuesday to answer questions about the functionality of the department. KRCC’s Tucker Hampson reports. 

Sheriff Maketa says the allegations and subsequent investigations into his alleged wrongdoings are not interfering with emergency operations, but IT restrictions even after the seizure of hard drives and collecting of disk images are hampering fieldwork.

"I think all of it has been preserved," said Maketa, meaning all the files that might be needed for the investigation. "I would just ask that you would take a serious look at that, and let my people, especially my IT people, do their job and support those that are on the front line."

A campaign to recall Sheriff Maketa in November is in motion, over 1,700 signatures have been collected out of the required 44,000. Maketa has repeatedly said he will not step down before his term ends in January.