Bed bugs: Denver ranks among top 10 worst cities in U.S.

Photo: Bed bug (AP Photo)
In this file photo, a bed bug is displayed at the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History in Washington.

The Denver metro area has the unfortunate honor of ranking in the top 10 of U.S. cities for bed bugs, according to a report released Thursday.

Atlanta-based Orkin, a pest control firm, ranked U.S. cities by the number of treatments it performed. Despite being the 21st-most-populated metro area in the country, Denver-Aurora came in eighth in the company's list.

Colorado Springs-Pueblo collectively ranked 44th.

The company says bed bugs are a growing problem in the U.S., with consumers spending $446 million to fight the pests in 2013 compared to just $70 million in 2004.

Orkin offers these tips to avoid bed bugs at your home: