DIA has some fun with Star Wars Day

<p>(Courtesy Denver International Airport)</p>
<p>“That&#039;s no moon.” The Death Star from “Star Wars” appears over Denver International Airport in this cimputer-generated photo montage.</p>

In case you didn't know, May 4th is Star Wars Day. Well, to some folks, anyway. Definitely not a national holiday or anything, but the social media marketing folks at Denver International Airport are having some fun with it anyway.

At DIA, we're all about happy reunions. “I have you now!” #StarWarsDay #avgeek pic.twitter.com/q2iXS5Luqe

DIA has one of the best operations teams in the world. They keep the airfield safe 24/7 #StarWarsDay #avgeek pic.twitter.com/KPmK6ocUMH

DIA, connecting you with places far, far away... #StarWarsDay https://t.co/dAz6RrxIO4 pic.twitter.com/DTxPzAioLi

There's a whole collection at DIA's Facebook page, too.