Rainfall Stalls Roadwork on Kiowa and Bijou

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Rains this week have stalled roadwork on Kiowa and Bijou streets in downtown Colorado Springs. KRCC’s Tucker Hampson reports. 

The roads were milled and ready for paving when the recent heavy rainfalls hit, causing them to deteriorate. Colorado Springs Street Division Manager Corey Farkas says while they can’t plan for the weather, it hasn’t affected the project timeline.

“Mother nature is the one thing, it’s the one x-factor that we don’t have a really good handle on, we can’t tell mother nature when to rain and when not to rain, so you plan the best you can, and you have contingency back up plans for when mother nature throws you a curve ball.”

Roadwork crews were able to repair and protect the road on Wednesday, but Farkas says forecasted rain could cause further damage.  While it will be too wet this weekend for construction, Farkas says they’ll look to resume early next week.