The 2016 Presidential Race: Who’s Running, And What they’re Saying

Photo: Colorado Election Day 2014
Voting in Denver on Election Day 2014.

Photo: Colorado Election Day 2014President Barack Obama has no more election battles to fight before he leaves the White House in January 2017. Candidates are lining up to replace him -- some have already come and gone. We're linking here to coverage of all candidates from both parties. Click on their names to read the stories.

The Democrats

Lincoln Chafee​ (Dropped out of the race Oct. 23)Photo: Lincoln Chafee (AP Photo/File)

Hillary Clinton Photo: Hillary Clinton (AP Photo/File)

Martin O'Malley Photo: Martin O'Malley (AP Photo/File)

Bernie Sanders Photo: Bernie Sanders (AP Photo/File)

Jim Webb (Withdrew from the race Oct. 20) Photo: Jim Webb (AP Photo/File)

The Republicans

Jeb Bush Photo: Jeb Bush (AP/File)

Ben Carson Photo: Ben Carson (AP/File)

Chris ChristiePhoto: Chris Christie (AP Photo/File)

Ted Cruz Photo: Ted Cruz (AP/File)

Carly Fiorina Photo: Carly Fiorina (AP Photo/File)

Jim GilmorePhoto: Former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore (AP Image/File)

Lindsey Graham Photo: Lindsey Graham (AP Photo/File)

Mike Huckabee Photo: Mike Huckabee (AP Photo/File)

Bobby JindalPhoto: Bobby Jindal (AP Photo/File)

George Pataki Photo: George Pataki (AP Photo/File)

Rand Paul Photo: Rand Paul (AP Photo/File)

Rick Perry (Withdrew from the race Sept. 11)Photo: Rick Perry, Western Conservative Summit 2015 (AP Photo)

Marco Rubio Photo: Marco Rubio (AP Photo/File)

Rick Santorum Photo: Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum (AP Photo)

Donald Trump Photo: Donald Trump

Scott Walker Photo: Sott Walker (AP Photo/File)