Shooks Run Meetings Continue

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Shooks Run Trail (north)
Credit Parks.ColoradoSprings.Gov
Shooks Run Trail (north)

A third workshop in Colorado Springs Thursday focuses on the fifty-year plan for Shooks Run.

The workshop will look at infrastructure, the greenway, and an enhanced vision for the corridor.

City Project Manager Aaron Egbert says these meetings are an opportunity to not only repair the run, but to also tailor it to the public's priorities.

"It's a unique corridor," Egbert says,  "and it's a unique project for the city to figure out how to repair and replace our infrastructure."

Egbert says this is the third of six meetings. The next meeting will move on to conceptual designs. The final plan for the project will be submitted later this year.

The workshop takes place this evening, Thursday, Jan 28th  at the First Presbyterian Church from 5:30 to 8pm.  You can also view the project website here.

The city is also hosting an open house Thursday to talk about a potential land swap with the Broadmoor.  That's taking place at the Bear Creek Nature Center.