Underage Marijuana Use the Target of New Campaign

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The state health department is launching a new campaign to help adults talk to kids about marijuana use. Risks of underage marijuana use can include both legal and health issues. The $7 million campaign focuses on how adults can be a big influence on adolescents.  

Ali Maffey manages the Retail Marijuana Education Program for the state. She says a major concern is that one in five adolescents is using marijuana.

"To be able to have informed conversations with those four out of five youths about why they should continue not using," she says, "and with that one out of five youth to have conversations about what they may be risking."

The campaign will be available in both English and Spanish and will utilize radio, television, and online social media outlets to reach parents, teachers, coaches, and other adults who might be struggling with preventative talks.

Funding comes from taxes generated through retail marijuana sales.