Watch: A Pair of Colorful Etudes By Composer And Pianist Stacey Rose

<p>(Photo: CPR)</p>

Composer and pianist Stacey Rose dreamed up a unique gift for her parents' upcoming 85th birthdays.

Rose is honoring them with a recital of her own compositions, written over the past two years. It's set for 8 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 24, at the Lone Tree Arts Center in Parker.

The Denver native says it’s a way of thanking her parents for exposing their four children to music and dancing at an early age.

Rose gave us a preview of the special concert recently when she shared some of her music -- a pair of wildly different piano etudes -- in the CPR Performance Studio.

Etude No. 4, which you can watch above, is full of cascading arpeggios and delicate melodies. Claude Debussy would be proud.

Her Etude No. 3 is a different beast altogether. The short, manic piece revolves around repeating figures punctuated by dissonant chords:

More exclusive music from the CPR Performance Studio: