Utility Rates in Colorado Springs to Go Up, Possibly Again in January

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Colorado Springs City Council approved increases in utility rates for residents and could approve another increase for 2017.

City Council approved rate increases as part of a quarterly review of costs. Residential rates will go up by about $5.86 total per month, based on electric and natural gas costs.

On November 8th, Council is also expected to vote on whether to increase base rates to help cover infrastructure costs in 2017.

Utilities spokeswoman Natalie Eckhart says the revenue would primarily go toward upgrading water systems.

"Many of our water mains are approaching the end of their useful life," she says. "So we are working through our water systems to renew those pipes. We also have a pretty large upgrade project to one of our water treatment plants."

Eckhart says Mesa Water Treatment Plant was constructed in 1942 and is in need of an upgrade. 

During Tuesday's City Council meeting, a couple of business leaders expressed concern that base rate increases could put a burden on them, making it more difficult to compete with other companies around the country and overseas.

If Council approves the proposed base rate increases, residential customers would see a monthly increase of about $2.84 per month, according to Colorado Springs Utilities. Commercial and Industrial customers' increases will vary depending on usage and rate class.