Denver Weighing Bid For Future Winter Olympics

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The City of Denver is exploring the possibility of an Olympic bid for a future Winter Games. Officials are studying the potential cost to the city and whether residents support the idea.

Denver residents rejected the Olympics once before, after the 1976 games had already been awarded to the city. With that in mind, officials are taking pains to assess the potential impacts well before making another bid -- which likely wouldn't happen until 2030 at the soonest. 

Ramonna Robinson, with the Denver Winter Games exploratory committee, says they’re examining everything from sustainability and cost to how Olympic infrastructure would be put to use after the games.

"Simultaneously, we’re both looking at the logistics and whether it’s a good idea for the state, and whether there would be benefits to the state and a legacy left behind that people could be proud of," she explains. 

Though Denver would be the host city, Robinson says events would likely take place in cities across the state, including Colorado Springs. 

Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers says a Denver Olympics "would probably benefit Colorado Springs." But, he adds, "the bigger question mark is whether it benefits Denver and the whole state of Colorado. And I think some very serious financial analysis needs to be done."

The exploratory committee is asking Colorado residents to complete an online survey about the potential bid. Survey ends Saturday, March 3rd.