Resources for rent and housing assistance in Colorado

Hart Van Denburg/CPR News
A homeless encampment and new apartment buildings on Welton Street in Denver, October 8, 2021.

Over several weeks, CPR News has rolled out a series of stories that highlight people struggling to stay housed or find housing due to Colorado's ongoing affordable housing crisis as well as the effects of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

From a man living in a hole in the land he owns in Park County to a group of mobile home residents who successfully purchased their homes from their landlord, we've explored the issue from the points of view of people from all walks of life. Our reporting also led to us meeting several people who work with organizations that work to alleviate housing issues in the state.

Below you’ll find several of those resources and organizations featured in our housing series. Some work directly to provide resources or refer those in need to the appropriate places where they may find help. 

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the groups doing this kind of work in the state and we welcome emails suggestions on whom to include.

Colorado Coalition for the Homeless

The group founded in 1984 works to provide and connect families and individuals with help finding housing, healthcare and some other needs. Visit here for more information.

The Colorado Safe Parking Initiative

The parking initiative runs several sites mostly in the Denver area where people can park and sleep safely overnight in their cars. Anyone seeking to stay at one of the Colorado Safe Parking Initiative's sites must have a permit. Apply at

The Golden Girls Project, Grand Junction

Part of The Joseph Center in Grand Junction, this program works to find housing for women in Mesa County who are 50 years and older. The program can house up to five people at a time to help them find housing. Visit here for more information.

The Joseph Center also provides other services, including a day shelter and some food services. Click here for more information.

Lake County Build A Generation

The nonprofit is one that helped a group of mobile home residents in Leadville organize to purchase their homes from their landlord. The group works to educate and organize residents around a number of issues, including housing and food access. Click here for more information.

United for a New Economy

This group works primarily in Aurora, Westminster and Commerce City. Recently it has been working with immigrant residents and families to identify rental assistance programs and apply for them. Visit here for more information.

Other public resources (click text for more information):

Colorado emergency rental assistance program

Colorado emergency mortgage assistance program

Colorado Division of Housing

Denver rent and utility assistance program

Denver's Housing and Homelessness Guide

Legal assistance for fighting an eviction or foreclosure in Denver 

Colorado Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (for help paying home heating costs)

Evictions in Colorado: what to know now that CDC eviction moratorium, state protections have expired