The Colorado Healing Fund says Club Q shooting victims will now get all donated funds. Here’s why that’s a change

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Hart Van Denburg/CPR News
Nine days after a mass shooting at Club Q in Colorado Springs, a makeshift memorial grows outside the LGBTQ nightclub on Monday, Nov. 28, 2022.

Following backlash from victim advocacy groups, the Colorado Healing Fund (CHF) says those affected by the Club Q shooting will receive every dollar donated to the nonprofit in their honor.

In an emailed statement, CHF Executive Director Jordan Finegan said she anticipates having all administrative costs for the Club Q fund fully underwritten in the days ahead. She did not give specifics on where that underwriting would come from. 

Previous to Finegan's announcement, the nonprofit retained 10 percent of all funds collected during mass casualty events for its own operational costs. 

Critics said that model was unnecessary and unethical.

As of Tuesday morning, CHF had received $1.9 million in donations specifically for the Club Q shooting. Finegan said all of those and future funds raised for Club Q will be dedicated entirely to victim assistance.

The Colorado Healing Fund is also exploring sustainable funding sources to cover costs and ensure the nonprofit can maintain operations year-round and respond immediately in the wake of mass tragedy, according to Finegan.

Following the announcement, Anita Busch, president of Victims First and co-founder of the National Compassion Fund, said she still has concerns about the group disbursing funds through another  nonprofit, rather than directly to victims. Busch's family has suffered through two mass shootings, the theater shooting in Aurora and the Route 91 concert in Las Vegas.

"The model is victimizing," Busch said. "They don't know better than the people who have lived it. We know what has helped. We've spoken. Please listen."

The National Compassion Fund has partnered with a LGBTQ+ business based in Denver to create the Club Q Victims and Survivors Compassion Fund.

Editor's Note: This story has been updated with a statement from Victims First. The headline of this story has also been adjusted for clarification.

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