David Fender

David Fender is an audio producer at Colorado Public Radio.


Bachelor’s degree in radio, TV and film, University of North Texas (UNT); graduate work at UNT and University of Florida.

Professional background:

David has been involved in public radio since 1987, first signing on the air as a morning DJ for KNTU in Denton, Texas. He went on to fill many different roles at that station, from positions in production, news, and engineering to working as the assistant program director. He later served as the Morning Edition host for WUFT in Gainesville, Florida.Along the way, David has worked a number of other outside jobs to support his love of working for public radio stations, including managing parking facilities, driving school buses, freelance book editing, and directing liturgical readings for a Catholic parish.

In his own words …Why I got into radio:

Growing up, I loved radio’s ability to bring voices and music from all over the world into my bedroom in small-town Iowa. On cold, winter days we would listen to KMA in the mornings hoping for that rare occasion when our school would be on the list of closings, and in the springtime we’d tune in to find out whether the thunderstorms and tornadoes would blow through or pass us by.The mixture of the local and the world fascinated me. I remember getting a Mr. Microphone for Christmas one year and spending hours pretending to be a DJ over my transistor radio.I discovered public radio in high school by accidentally stumbling across one of the early episodes of “A Prairie Home Companion” one Saturday night. That lead me to “All Things Considered,” which led me to some of the specials NPR used to produce, like their versions of War of the Worlds and Star Wars. I was hooked.Later, I started college as a music major, but when it became clear that path wasn’t going to work for me, I didn’t want to give up my love of sound and music – so radio was the natural choice for me.

How I ended up at CPR:

My wife’s career brought us to the Denver area. When one of our vehicles died and we had to get rid of it, we decided to donate it to CPR. While I was on the website to find out more information about how to do that, I stumbled across the job openings, found this position, and jumped at the chance to apply and get back into public radio.

  • At first glance, the name of Lizzie Huffman‘s new CD, “Pretty Old Soul,” might now sound like it would match the music of a 22 year old singer/songwriter.
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  • The five-member indie rock group Varlet is fronted by Lilly Scott. She got some national attention a while back as a contestant on American Idol. Scott says that experience was both a blessing — and a curse. The group just released a new EP called “The Drifter.”
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  • Once again this year, Colorado Public Radio is teaming up with the Arts and Venues Denver and the University of Colorado Denver College of Arts and Media to present a radio adaptation of the city’s One Book One Denver Selection.
  • About this time last year, Andi O’Conor was on vacation, kayaking in Washington state, when she started getting a bunch of calls and e-mails. Friends were letting her know that a fire was raging near her home west of Boulder.
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  • Many churches, temples, and mosques across Colorado marked the anniversary of 9/11 during their services over the weekend. Here are some excerpts from those services. Temple Sinai, South Denver [Bryan Zive and Kol Echad performing “Oseh Shalom”] Rabbi Richard Rheins: “Remember back. Zachor! Remember back to those days!
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  • When you hear the name of the Denver hip-hop group, “Wheelchair Sports Camp,” you might think it’s a cheap ploy…irreverent musicians trying to get attention with an outrageous name. But the group’s MC, Kalyn Heffernan, says that’s not the case. “It was more about putting it out there and making it okay.
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  • Story reported and produced by Jonathan Brown. Mias the orangutan lives at the Denver Zoo and he’s been having trouble breathing. He was diagnosed with a disease that’s becoming more common among orangutans in zoos and in the wild. Two months ago, zoo veterinarian Dr.
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  • John Common has been a fixture on the Denver music scene for more than a decade. He first led the alt country band “Rainville,” then broke off on a solo career and took on more of a rock edge.
  • This interview originally aired February 4, 2011 The Denver band, Paper Bird, has a modern take on old time folk music. It’s not the kind of music you’d think of for a ballet but it’s exactly what Garrett Ammon thought of when he heard the band.
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  • Story reported and produced by Michelle P. Fulcher and Kelley Griffin. U.S. Representative Mike Coffman sits on the House Armed Services Committee. The Aurora Republican is also a retired Marine who returned to active duty in 2005 to help set up elections in Iraq.
  • April is National Poetry Month — a good time, we thought, to introduce you to the work of Colorado poets like Pattiann Rogers of Castle Rock. She started writing poetry about 30 years ago as a young mother living in Texas.
  • Photo: Striking Photography At 10am on Monday September 6th, 2010 – Labor Day – a wildfire started in Fourmile Canyon west of Boulder. Over the course of 11 days, the fire consumed over 6,000 acres of land and destroyed 169 homes.
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  • (Photo Credits: Bus exterior with Chris Garre and Gabrielle Louise by David Fender, bus interior shots and bus exterior with mountain in the backdrop courtesy of Adam Boden.) An old bus pulled into our parking lot this week.Think of a Greyhound you’d see in a 1970s movie.
  • Photo Courtesy of the Center of the American West, by Honey Lindburg Over the weekend, somewhere around 15 families lost their homes to a wildfire west of Fort Collins. That experience is painfully familiar to victims of the Fourmile Canyon Fire, which burned outside Boulder just over 6 months ago.
  • Photo Credit: Steve Stanton The Denver band, Churchill, recently released their first full length CD. It’s called “Happy/Sad.” Colorado Public Radio’s Sadie Babits sat down with two members of the band. Tim Bruns is the guitarist and lead singer for the group. He also wrote all the songs on the album.
  • Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Center of the American West, by Honey Lindburg Last September, the Four Mile Canyon Fire west of Boulder destroyed 169 homes, including a home in Sunshine Canyon owned by former Sports Illustrated writer Doug Looney and his wife, Mary Ann.