Kevin J. Beaty

Denverite Visual Journalist

@kevinjbeaty[email protected]

Kevin is a multimedia artist who flung himself into the world of journalism. He likes using a camera and microphone to tell stories about workers, the environment, social justice and fascinating humans.

Migrants in Denver faced horror on their journeys to the U.S., but despite their desperate risks, many will be forced to leave.

Hundreds of migrants have arrived in metro-Denver in the past month. The city and state have spent upwards of a million dollars to accommodate them. Let’s go beyond the numbers and get a sense for who these folks are and what brought them here. CPR’s Stephanie Rivera and Denverite’s Kevin Beaty spoke with some of the migrants staying at Denver’s emergency shelters.

An Afghan family in Denver on the new obstacles they face as refugees in the US

For the tens of thousands of Afghans who fled to the U.S. when the Taliban took over, resettling in the United States has come with many challenges. We meet two families brought together by these historic circumstances. One is an Afghan family that was among the 80,000 people who were able to flee to the U.S. after the American military withdrew from Afghanistan. The other is the family they turned to for help when they reached Colorado. Denverite’s Kevin Beaty has the story of these two families and their unique connection. We also learn about other Afghan families who are desperate to find new homes.