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A Military ‘Space Corps’? Colorado’s SOS On Releasing Voter Info; Former Sheriff’s Trial; Colorado Was Pop Star John Oates’ ‘Destiny’

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Congressman Doug Lamborn wants to create a Space Corps -- a separate military service for space. The Colorado Springs Republican explains why he backs the proposal, which critics say could hurt his own community. Then, Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams on his decision to release voter data to the White House -- and on his suggestions for changes to the national election system. Plus, former El Paso County sheriff Terry Maketa faced possible jail time for abuse of power but a jury found him not guilty on some counts, and couldn’t decide on others. A local reporter joins us to talk about what’s next. And, during a ski trip to Aspen in 1968, John Oates first found Colorado or, as he describes it, his “destiny.” Oates’ new memoir describes the personal struggles that eventually led him to move to the state full time. He also tells us the very New York story behind the hit “Maneater.”