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Future Of Colorado’s Health Exchange; New State Laws Begin; Pro Bike Race Starts; The Story Of A Spanish Explorer In Colorado

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Nearly 200,000 Coloradans buy coverage on the state's health exchange, but that system could be disrupted by what happens in Washington with Obamacare. The CEO of the exchange tell Colorado Matters about navigating the uncertainty and offers advice in the face of big premium hikes. Then, a new state law provides more legal protection for people who break into hot cars to rescue pets, but they have to make sure the pet is really in trouble. Plus, a look at other new laws taking effect today. And, a new pro bike race starts tomorrow. Can it survive where similar races have failed? Also, Spanish explorer Juan Rivera set out in 1765 to find riches and a tribe of bearded men in Colorado. Montrose archaeologist Steven Baker has written a book about that unusual and little-known journey.