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Using Art Therapy To Treat Mental Illness In Colorado

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In prisons, hospitals and schools, therapists use art to treat mental health problems, and their work is becoming higher profile. Karen Pence, the nation's second lady, has made art therapy her cause, and there's mixed reaction to that. Then, President Trump issued a sweeping directive that seeks to wipe out the Clean Power Plan, which limits emissions on coal-fired power plants. CPR’s environment reporter Grace Hood reports on her trip to Colorado's coal country of North Fork Valley. Next, Iceland has managed to reduce its drug and alcohol consumption, and a Denver man gets some of the credit. And, 75 years ago it was ordered that people of Japanese descent could not voluntarily leave the West Coast. More than a hundred thousand ended up in internment camps. We'll hear about the prisoners who eventually settled in Colorado. Plus, you'll find an array of organisms if you dig in your backyard. Not so in Antarctica, says a CSU scientist.