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A small mountain town embraces Ukrainian newcomers

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Courtesy Natasha Pleshkova
Natasha Pleshkova and her daughter in Estes Park with Natasha’s mother who they recently welcomed from Ukraine.

Since war broke out in Ukraine, some Ukrainian citizens have come to the United States to live temporarily under a federal program known as Uniting for Ukraine. They must have someone in this country who will provide financial aid and other assistance while they're here.

The small town of Estes Park in northern Colorado has become small haven for some of these new immigrants. Natasha Pleshkova was born in Ukraine, has lived in the US for 10 years, and is part of the group helping out. She recently welcomed her mother to Estes Park and is expecting a Ukrainian mother and son at the beginning of next month.

Here's how to connect with Ukrainians interested in coming to the United States.