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Empowering Black homebuyers to bridge the wealth gap in Colorado

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Dearfield Fund Realtor and Homebuyer
Carl Bilek/CPR News
Amie Williams (left) recently bought a home with the help of April Denmon of Denmon Reality (center) and the Dearfield Fund for Black Wealth. Colorado Matters co-host Chandra Thomas Whitfield is on the right.

It’s no secret, the cost of buying a home is through the roof in Colorado, especially in metro Denver. Buying a home continues to be especially challenging for Coloradans of color, especially Black Coloradans, who’ve historically struggled with building wealth and equal access to home ownership, widely considered by many to be the American dream.

The Dearfield Fund For Black Wealth, in partnership with Gary Community Ventures, is working to change that by helping first-time Black homebuyers in metro Denver increase their down payment toward the purchase of a new home by up to $40,000.

Aisha T. Weeks is the managing director of the Dearfield Fund For Black Wealth. We also talk with April Denmon from Denmon Realty and Amie Williams, who used the fund to buy a home this spring.