Parks & Wildlife Suspends Big Game Access Program

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Recent budgetary shortfalls have forced Colorado Parks and Wildlife to end the Big Game Access Program. KRCC’s Rachel Gonchar reports. 

The Big Game Access Program, or BGAP, was intended to evaluate the potential of landowners leasing properties in southeastern Colorado to allow for big game hunting.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokeswoman Abbie Walls says she’s unsure of what the budget shortfall means to the future of BGAP.

"Right now it’s unclear. We are going to continue to evaluate BGAP and we are also going to look at other big game leasing programs that are out there and try to find the best one."

The program began in 2007 and was initially expected to be a three-year study. The trial expanded after receiving significant interest. Landowners who took part in the program will be contacted by their local District Wildlife Manager.