Manitou Incline Closing For Repairs Aug 18

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Manitou Incline
Credit Andrea Chalfin / KRCC
Manitou Incline

The Manitou Incline will close in mid August for trail maintenance. As KRCC’s Tucker Hampson reports, the heavily traveled path is showing the effects of use and Mother Nature.

The work will include repairing damaged retaining walls, unclogging culverts, and rerouting the connecting trail between the Incline and the Barr Trail.

Sarah Bryarly is a landscape architect for the City of Colorado Springs Parks Department and the Project Manager for the Incline reconstruction. She says the repairs are focused on protecting the incline from runoff.

"There’s a lot of deterioration and erosion along the incline, and what we are hoping to do during the repairs of the incline is just to slow down the velocity of water, so that way when we do have storm events, whether they’re large or they’re small, it’ll capture the water at much slower rate."

The Incline has been open to the public for a year and a half. Bryarly says they hope to finish construction before any significant snowfall occurs.

The trail will be monitored during the duration of the closing, and trespassers may be subject to fines totaling $100 as well as mandatory court dates.