Legislative Preview: Q & A with Brian DelGrosso, Colo. House Minority Leader

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Brian DelGrosso, House minority leader [R-Loveland]
Credit Colorado General Assembly
Brian DelGrosso, House minority leader [R-Loveland]

House minority leader Brian DelGrosso [R-Loveland] discusses his thoughts on the upcoming legislative session as part of a series of interviews with legislative leaders. DelGrosso was the minority leader for the last two years, and his party made gains in the house last November to narrow the Democratic majority.

DelGrosso on Spilt Legislative Control

“We were pretty much in the hole by quite a few seats these last couple of years and now we were able to pick up a couple of seats and we’re two seats down. That brings a different dynamic. If we’re able to get two people to the aisle on any given subject we’ll be able to pass something out of the house.”

“I think it’s going to force people to hopefully be a lot more collaborative.”

DelGrosso on Legislative Priorities

“There’s a lot of areas in our state that are continuing to struggle. We’re seeing certain areas of the state where they still have high unemployment. For instance out west there were 150 coal miners that just got laid off. And so we’re still seeing layoffs and economic struggles. You’ll continue to see us push for policies that will be good for the entire state of Colorado and especially our folks out in rural Colorado. “

DelGrosso on Oil and Gas legislation

“The reality is when you look at overall oil and gas regulations we have some of the strictest regulations in the country.  You know we’ve heard that from the Governor we’ve heard that from industry, I don’t think too many people dispute that fact that’s out there.”