Capitol Conversation: Controversial Bills

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State lawmakers are debating whether terminally ill patients with less than six months to live should be allowed to take medication to end their own lives. It's just one of several controversial bills being debated under the gold dome. 

Excerpts from Bente Birkeland's interview with statehouse reporters:

On End of Life Options Bill:

Megan Schrader: Colorado Springs Gazette

"People on both sides coming into tell stories of loved ones who died excruciating deaths and would have enjoyed having an option to end their own life. And people who work in hospice who say, look. I see this every day and I don't think physicians should be able to prescribe life ending medication."

On a proposal yet to be introduced to expand the number of driver's license offices that allow undocumented immigrants to obtain a license:

Peter Marcus: Durango Herald

"The idea behind the legislation which passed in 2013 is to provide undocumented immigrants with driver's licenses because they're on the roads any way, and they need to learn the rules of the road and have insurance and all that. For proponents it's a safety issue."