Stormwater Channel Could Double as a Fat Bike Trail

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As the city works to stabilize the Sand Creek stormwater channel, engineers are looking for creative ways to make the structures even more useful. One idea is to create a trail for fat bikes. Those have particularly wide tires that can traverse sand and leave little impact.

Richard Mulledy is the Stormwater Division Manager for Colorado Springs. He says they're considering actually putting a trail in the water.

"We hope to work with the fat bike community and engineers that we will hire to design these structures and place the boulders so you can actually ride up the structure," Mulledy says. "You'll be able to ride in the bottom of the creek."

Sand Creek is one of 71 stormwater projects planned for Colorado Springs as part of an agreement with Pueblo. Mulledy says they hope to complete this project by the summer of 2018.

Colorado Springs residents are invited to visit the site to share input and try out a fat bike this Saturday, December 3rd, from 10am to 1pm where Sand Creek passes Platte Avenue at Babcock Road. Call 719-385-5033 to reserve a fat bike.