Pueblo Could Aim for 100% Renewable Energy

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Pueblo City Council is scheduled to vote on a resolution today that places a goal of 100% renewable energy by 2035.

The proposal comes as the city grapples with utility rates. 

Pueblo City Councilman Larry Atenicio is sponsoring the measure. He says while the goal of 2035 may seem aggressive, the resolution will serve as a signal to others that this is a Pueblo priority.

"I think the biggest benefit is putting us on the roadmap in terms of nationally showing the rest of the country that we're in favor of and working towards 100% renewable energy," Atencio says.

Supporters, including the Sierra Club Sangre de Christo Group, say there's a lot of potential for expanding renewables in the area, including ample sunshine and flat land for solar panels.

Atencio says there's not yet a specific plan for how the city would achieve the goal.