Investigators Hope New DNA Phenotyping Leads to Answers on a Decades-Old Case

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The body of Army Specialist Darlene Krashoc was found in a parking lot behind a restaurant in 1987.  Now, the 30-year-old unsolved murder of a Fort Carson soldier is getting a second look due to new DNA technology. 

In 2016, authorities submitted more than two dozen pieces of evidence collected from the scene for new DNA analysis in 2016.

The US Army Criminal Investigation Command and the Colorado Springs Police Department are using newly available DNA phenotyping technology, which allows investigators to recreate what the killer likely looked like.

Police spokesman Howard Black says this is the first time this technology is being used in Colorado Springs.

"This has been an incredible opportunity for us to take a look at new DNA systems that are in place in order to potentially identify the suspect in this case," Black says.

The phenotyping technology can indicate eye color, hair color, and face shape, among other characteristics, though it can't predict environmental factors like weight and hairstyle.

The Criminal Investigation Command is offering $10,000 reward for identification of the perpetrator.