Miette Hope Brings Local Lessons To Berklee College Of Music And Beyond

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Musician and Colorado Springs native Miette "Mimi" Hope caught a big break in 2014, when she was awarded a full scholarship from Vans to attend the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston. In the years since, she has performed with John Mayer, collaborated with the Boston Conservatory, and released a number of recordings, both solo and with her band, Auva. 

For the latest episode of Air Check, 91.5 KRCC's Jake Brownell caught up with Hope while she was on the road in Pennsylvania during her most recent tour, and talked with her about her studies at Berklee and the business of music.

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In this interview:

On the sound of her most recent recordings

"I take a lot of influence from old soul and jazz music... One thing that's really, really important to me is that I kept the live band feel... I really want it to stay authentic... The biggest feedback I get is that it isn't modern enough of a sound, and it [isn't] produced enought... So, I'm kinda of battling with that because I really want it to stay authentic, but it's also kind of a challenge to keep up with the times and to do what's marketable and what people are gonna latch on to.

On studying Music Business at Berklee College of Music

It's kind of an interesting time in the industry, because as a musician you have to figure out a lot of different ways to bring in income... One of the best ways to 1) get exposure and 2) to get paid for your music is publishing... trying to get your songs in movies and commercials... Also if you can develop a good brand... people will come to your shows and buy and artistic stylish t-shirt that represents your music over a cd any day. 

On growing up in the Colorado Springs local music scene

I loved growing up in the Colorado Springs music scene, especially after having left... [Having been] in Colorado Springs I feel like it's a lot more of a community where people are connecting and supporting each other... Growing up in a community of amazing, inspirational people, one of them being my mom [Sarah Hope, who Hope performed with as a teenager in the band, Edith Makes A Paper Chain]... was really encouraging. I don't think there was ever a point where someone told me that I shouldn't pursue [music].